6 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog This Summer

Laraib Aslam
3 min readSep 11, 2023


Ever noticed? While entertaining itself, ultimately your dog ends up doing mischief. Well, that can be annoying many times right? It often happens due to your lack of attention and love for your furry friend. According to the data published by the United Kingdom in 2015, 81% of dogs wag their tail.

Dogs are like human beings, they need fun-filled activities not only for fun and entertainment but for their overall well-being. If you have no idea how to keep your pups fit, don’t worry, we have put together 6 games to play with your dog.


Fetch is the best game you can play with your dog. All you need to do is throw a ball or any other toy and your dog retrieves it back. Don’t forget to praise your dog, every time they return their toy and ball to you.No doubt, this game provides plenty of exercises while helping them fulfill their instinct to run.

Hide And Seek:

I know you already know about this game. Play it with your dog as well. With the help of this brain game your dog understands the basic commands, such as, sit, stay, and come.

In this game, you have to hide somewhere in your house and call your dog’s name. When they finger out where you are, encourage them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Tug Of War:

Are you looking for a more interesting game? So, the most classic game to play with your dog is here, tug of war. Here you use a rope or a sturdy tug toy and engage in a friendly tug of war with your pups. But, you have to play this game with more attention. As the dogs have baby teeth, pull them gently, and don’t let your children play this game.

Scent Work:

Have you ever lost an item during the walk? If yes! so, you not need to worry about that. Now, your dog will help you to find that missed item if you train your pups. Dogs have been used in smell detection tasks for hundreds of years.

You can teach this trick by hiding something around a room and encouraging your dog to find it using its smell. You can start this game by hiding things in an easy location and then gradually make them more difficult. This brain game is going to be helpful and interesting for both of you.

Water Games:

How do you help your furry friend this summer? By taking them in a kiddie pool or letting them splash around. It is the best thing to make them cool. It would be better if you take them to a lake so, you can also enjoy with your buddy

Agility course:

At last, we are going to talk about a more fruitful game that makes your furry friend more powerful and energetic. This enthusiastic and brain game is performed in your yard or living room.

You can put some obstacles like boxes, cones, hoops, and tunnels and guide your dog on how to use these items. Agility training is a good way to enhance the mental and physical growth of your dog.

Final Words:

Playtime is essential for your furry friend. These are all the fail-safe ways to make your dog healthy and joyful. These are wonderful games to play with your dog. Don’t forget to tell me about which game is liked by your dog most. Comment down your answer.



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