Do women get attracted to males wearing deodorant/ perfume?

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Have you ever come across an ad in which men’s scents entice women and she starts following him? Didn’t you find it unreal or does this really happen?

You must be wondering how an invisible compound significantly impacts our behavior. And, do women get attracted to males wearing deodorant/ perfume?

Without further evoking your curiosity, let’s see the truth behind this question.

Yes, it does. The first thing that inspires women in men is their smell. Whether it’s the smell of perfume or deodorant, women get attracted to the males wearing any scent. Naturally, women have a keener sense of smell than men.

Now, read ahead! In this blog, we’ll unveil many mysteries and facts related to perfumes and their attraction and how and why perfumes attract women.

Perfumes and Attraction: The Pheromone Connection.

Truth is, there are many myths and lots of mystery about the role that smell plays in human attraction. But if you are very curious about the mechanism behind it all. So, we’re going to explore how our brains and noses are affected due to smell. Have you ever been captivated by someone’s smell? No doubt, perfume is one of the biggest sources of attraction.

Let’s explore the science behind perfumes and attraction!

In our body, there are special kinds of hormones termed as pheromones which start realising when we like someone’s scent. As a result of this, we get attracted, our mood has lifted up and we start to enjoy their company.

When we think of someone, it instantly reminds us how they smell. Moreover, when you are obsessed with someone’s perfumes you can easily find them by their smell. Naturally, women have 43% more olfactory bulb cells than men. This is the reason women have more power to detect smells than men.

Why are women attracted to men’s perfume?

Women are attracted to men’s perfume or cologne for several reasons, and it’s important to note that individual preferences can vary greatly. Here are some common reasons why women may be attracted to men’s fragrances. Let’s have a look at it.

Scent preference:

Different people have different scent preferences, and what one person finds attractive, another may not. Women might be attracted to men’s perfumes because they simply enjoy the scent.

Associative memories:

Certain scents can trigger positive memories or associations. If a woman has had positive experiences with someone who wears a particular men’s perfume, it can make them more attracted to that scent.


Some researchers suggest that pheromones, chemical signals that can influence attraction, may be present in perfumes. Although the scientific evidence on this is inconclusive, it’s a theory that’s often mentioned.

Confidence and grooming:

A man who takes care of his grooming and uses a pleasant fragrance. They look more confident. So, this can be a big reason to attract women.

What smell do women prefer on men?

Scent preferences vary greatly among individuals, so there isn’t one universal smell that all women prefer on a man. What one woman finds attractive, another might not. However, some scents are generally considered pleasant and can be appealing to many people. These might include:

Clean and fresh scents:

Citrus, lavender, and aquatic notes are often associated with cleanliness and can be appealing.

Woody and spicy scents:

Cedarwood, sandalwood, and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can convey warmth and sophistication.

Light and subtle scents:

Some women may prefer lighter, more subtle scents that aren’t overpowering.

Classic colognes:

Traditional colognes with a balanced blend of various notes, like musk, amber, and citrus, have enduring popularity.

Personalised scents:

Creating a signature scent by layering different fragrances can be intriguing and unique.

Take away:

As a matter of fact perfumes and deodorants are the main sources of attraction in men. As they have the power to lift spirits, calm minds, or even evoke a sense of nostalgia. These factors are liked by women. This is the reason they attract men. Moreover using perfumes and deodorant can enhance personal hygiene and overall grooming. It’s important to choose scents that you like and that suit your personal style, as this can improve your personality boost your confidence, and potentially make you attractive.

What do you think? Do women get attracted to males wearing deodorant/ perfume? Don’t forget to comment on your answer.


2. Does perfume cause attraction?

Yes! It does, the formulation of a perfume for a loved one actually triggers the olfactory senses in our nose and sends a signal to the brain that triggers a positive reaction.

3. Why are perfumes so addictive?

People are addicted to perfumes because they experience a higher secretion of dopamine when they use perfume



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