Top 5 Tips to Protect from Diabetic Foot Ulcer

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Are you suffering from diabetic foot ulcers, or have you ever come across a person who is suffering from this disease? After seeing these types of patients many questions pop up in our mind. Did the person meet an accident? Did the insect bite him? You may be wondering what could possibly happen to his foot.

Diabetes is a chronic disease that is very common nowadays. According to the research, diabetes is prevalent in the adult aged between (20–79). It is caused when the pancreas doesn’t make insulin. It leads to many harmful diseases foot ulcers are one of them. In North America, it is the sixth major cause of death. Are you curious about what causes of foot ulcers? In this article, we will look at tips that protect us from foot ulcers.

What is a Foot Ulcer?

Foot ulcers are open wounds that are difficult to heal, and they return after a certain period of time. According to the research, 15% of diabetic patients suffer from this disease. It destroys the foot tissue and sometimes becomes more devastating, leading to foot amputation. It makes the person out of shape

According to the research (60–80%) of foot ulcers can be cured, (10- 15%) of them will continue acting, and ( 5–24%) of them will cause limb amputation. Here are some causes of foot ulcers

  • Poor circulation of blood
  • Damage of nerve
  • Infection
  • High levels of sugar
  • Weak immune system

5 Tips To Protect from diabetic foot:

Let’s discuss the tips which save us from this devastating disease.

1. Do proper care of your feet:

  • You should do proper care of your feet.
  • Don’t let them wet.
  • Clip nails on a weekly basis.
  • Use moderate water not too cold not too hot.
  • Don’t use irritated soap, rub your feet slowly.
  • Change socks daily.

2. Wear Comfortable Sneakers:

You must wear comfortable sneakers if you have diabetes, don’t go on its outlook always consider them comfy Moreover, It would be better if you buy medicated shoes, narrow, high heels shoes, and slippers must be avoided.

3. Maintain your Sugar Level:

This metabolic disease becomes more complicated when it is more than 100mg/dL. It causes foot ulcers and is difficult to heal when your sugar level doesn’t go down, it is mandatory for a diabetic patient to check their sugar level on a daily basis.

4. Take an Adequately Balanced Diet:

A balanced diet is very essential for diabetes, you must keep away from sugarery and fatty items. Take fruits that are low in sugar because high levels of sugar will lead you to a diabetic foot.

5. Go to the Podiatrist

You should visit and check with the podiatrist once a year so that he will make sure that your feet are well and will recommend more about foot hygiene.

Final Verdict:

To summarize it all, diabetic foot is a very severe problem once you suffer from this. It is very difficult to get rid of it so, you must keep these precautions in your mind and save yourself from this disease because it leads you under the knife. If you want to read more subscribe to me.



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